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SWS was founded in 2004 by some of the industry’s leading engineers with a vision to deliver excellence in the world of aircraft interiors approvals. Our team comprises of skilled designers, engineers and certification experts; without their focus and commitment, excellence wouldn’t be achieved.

Nigel Smith

SWS' MD & Head of Design

Nigel Smith

Nigel Smith (CEng, MRAeS, MIET) is responsible for the Company’s EASA approved Design Organisation. With over 25 years’ experience as a Mechanical Engineer, he remains an eminent figure in the aerospace and civil aviation industry.

During his time in the the industry, Nigel has worked for major UK aerospace companies such as Matra-Marconi Space Systems, Martin-Baker Aircraft, M. L. Aviation and Contour Premium Aircraft Seating. He has also held several positions where he has been responsible for overseas programs.

This valued experience has given him a considerable understanding of the industry in which he works and where possible, he endeavours to pass this extensive knowledge and experience onto his colleagues and clients.

Nigel’s professional achievements reflect his personal passion and drive. He was a key member of the FAA Aviation Regulatory Advisory Committee (ARAC ) responsible for the AC25.562-1b, the now very familiar FAA advisory circular, (a dynamic evaluation of seat restraint systems and occupant protection on transport airplanes). Most recently Nigel has been instrumental in pioneering a unique certification approach for Air New Zealand’s Skycouch™ (the application of a new seating design); he has also supported Greenpoint Technologies by working with them to establish an airworthiness approvals route for the new Aeroloft® dealing with UK, European and US organisations.

In his role as company MD and Head of Design, Nigel is frequently invited to speak and advise clients and other organisations on certification and approval issues. Along with fellow SWS Director Phil Williams, he has been invited by EASA to present to regulators, advisors and other DOAs at an EASA workshop.

Nigel Smith has an extensive up to date knowledge of the European, American, New Zealand, Canadian and Australian regulatory, airworthiness, quality and conformity requirements.

Phil Williams

SWS’ Operations Director & Head of Aircraft Electrical Systems

Phil Williams

Phil Williams has extensive experience of electrical and electronic parts and appliance environmental qualification and software certification and qualification to meet industry requirements, typically to RTCA standards.

Phil is a fully qualified Electrical Engineer with over 20 years experience in aerospace and civil aircraft interiors and has 7 years’ experience in specialized process control and automation. He has been integral to SWS’s design and development, within the electrical design, of overhead passenger and cabin crew rest compartments, aircraft wireless safety systems and emergency service helicopter digital communication systems.

Through his experience with Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS) and Night Vision Goggle (NVG) operations within the rotorcraft sector Phil took up the post of 'acting' Head of Design for a major helicopter company (whilst continuing to hold his position within SWS) to oversee the completion of a full NVIS installation and support the clients NVG operational approvals. His interface with the national regulatory authorities, flight operations and maintenance organization was an invaluable experience, he has gained a high level of understanding of the relationship between the disciplines and the important roles they play in ensuring safe designs are managed and maintained.

Phil Williams has established a robust and comprehensive process for supplier approval within the company's Design & Quality Assurance System and has presented the process to EASA and Industry as a whole.



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